About Me

I'm Specy, an italian student with a passion in building, reparing and developing.

I have experience in 3D printing, DIY, development of Websites, Apps and Webapps.

I specialise in creating tools to solve common problems or to help automate certain tasks. I've done so for many games to expand their functionality and to make their features more accessible.
Proficient in
  • JavaScript / Node.js
  • Typescript
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • React
  • Sveltekit
  • Java
  • C / C++
  • React Native
  • Rust
  • Nest.js

My Projects

Genshin music nightly image preview

Genshin Music Nightly

A musical app inspired by the game Genshin Impact, used by thousands daily, built with react and pixi.js
Sky music nightly image preview

Sky Music Nightly

Similar as Genshin Music Nightly but adapted for the game Sky: Children of the Light
Sky Music image preview

Sky music

A webApp with over 300k users, made to help players of the game Sky Cotl to practice, compose and share songs
ASM Editor preview

ASM Editor (alpha)

An editor and interpreter for M68K and MIPS languages. Made with sveltekit and monaco editor.
Scapix image preview


A machine learning image/gif/video upscaling and denoiser app made with react + electron for windows

  • Image upscaling with no size limit
  • Denoise any kind of drawing or normal image
  • Upscale and denoise gifs and videos
  • Change file formats
  • Dark / White mode
  • Completely Open source and 100% offline

Click here to visit on github
ASM Editor preview

Conway generator

A website to play with Conway's game of life and create backgrounds with custom colors

Quick safe notes

An app created with react native to save create and organize notes, it has authentication and notes folders together with a simple UI

SP Code

A Javascript library for steganography that turns any text into an image that can be then converted back to text.
The data can also be added to an existing image


The website where i host my websites and all future projects


A webapp created for my school to help food ordering during the COVID-19 pandemic
How it works
Each class in the school owns an account which can be used to place orders to the school's bar
Once an order is placed, the bar owner can see the orders made by the classes and organise the delivery inside the school
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Other projects

I've made other small projects that you can find here

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